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Yet Another Cat Abscess

We’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with cat abscesses. Most of the time, we just let them pop on their own and then give them a good cleaning. They scab over and all is well. Alas, that was not the case with our elderly cat Stout. His abscess, located behind his right ear and curving …

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Stitched Cat

Remember our little cat Streak, The Walking Anatomy Lesson? He had a massive abscess that burst open, leaving the flesh over his ribs exposed. So, we took him to the vet (that was abscess #2), got him cleaned up and on antibiotics. It healed up cleanly….or so we thought. Not too long passes before a …

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Water Bottle: A Cat’s Best Toy

I’m cheap when it comes to toys for my animals. Part of being a mostly carnivorous beast is the fun of tearing stuff apart with tooth and nail. This is very true of even the domesticated cat or dog. Those of you who have lost furniture, shoes, kitchen appliances, and the occasional bottle of cleaner …

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Cross Species Egg Sitting

We have this speckled hen, laid, hatched, and raised by a real chicken right here on the farm. She has learned a new trick of late. She has figured out the super secret entrance to the Porch Cat Lair, aka the freezer room. Our house has several rooms that were added onto over the years. …

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Obsessed with Cat Abscesses

Our small male cat Streak had an abscess three months ago on his left side over his last 2 ribs. At the time, we saw it after it had opened and I thought I was dealing with a puncture wound. I took him to the vet and they IDed it as an open abscess, cleaned …

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