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Entertaining Farm Pauses

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on the internet. But then I come across things like these below that made me laugh or think, and then I know that I haven’t wasted all that time, just 3/4 of it. So here is some entertaining links to give you a fun pause in the …

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Winter Holidays 2012

Over the past few years, we have gone with more and more homemade gifts for this consumer-prone season. Often, these gifts are grown or made by us on the farm, or bought from local crafters. We do make exceptions for the wee little kids and get them toys to challenge their minds and imaginations. We’re …

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A Catyard?

Yes, we have a catyard. In 2002, we moved here from a small town, but we were in the middle of the town, two blocks from the college. We had a catdoor and our little furry beasts could come and go as they pleased and we never lost one to traffic or dog attack, and …

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