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Durian – A Questionable Fruit

Have you heard of durian? Have you tried a durian? It is usually a very memorable experience. Durian fruits are popular throughout Asia and come in several varieties. Some people find the smell of taste of durian to be quite enjoyable. However, to many, many others, the smell and taste are disgusting. Yep. Some describe …

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Rescued Chicken

Remember Speckled Hen laying eggs in the freezer room? Yeah, special chicken. Well, we have been having a predator issue. We have lost most of our chickens to neighbor’s dogs, coyotes, and perhaps, a large feral dog. So we put up more fencing and started letting the chickens out later, when the predators should be …

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Omnivorous – Chickens Make It Look Easy

Some of you will be scratching your heads wondering why I am making a post about omnivorous chickens. For most of you, that’s because you a) have/had chickens, b) have/had some other bird, c) are a biologist of some sort, or d) pay attention to wildlife. At least 3 times a year, I bump into …

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Winter Was Here

Winter is nearly over here in the valley. With spring right around the corner, I thought I should pull together some winter pictures before the early flowers start blooming. Donkeys don’t care about weather too much. They have access to their shelter all day, but often prefer to stand out under the oaks no matter …

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Cross Species Egg Sitting

We have this speckled hen, laid, hatched, and raised by a real chicken right here on the farm. She has learned a new trick of late. She has figured out the super secret entrance to the Porch Cat Lair, aka the freezer room. Our house has several rooms that were added onto over the years. …

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