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Italians, Speckled, Buffed, & More

We got new chickens. We had lost most of our chickens to predators – mostly dogs (whether strays or the neighbors’,  we don’t know). That was almost 4 months ago. Through Freecycle, we met D. who was downsizing her flock for several reasons, including the latest forest fires threatening homes in northern NM. If pushed …

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Chicken Workshop

What did we do for My Main Man’s birthday? We attended a chicken workshop, hosted by Richard of One Little Farm, where we finally learned how to properly kill, pluck, and clean a chicken. As many of you know, we butcher a few of our goats a year, so you would think that we wouldn’t …

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Our Farm – The Chickens

This was originally posted on on 2/26/2011. It is reposted here with the permission of Lady Darkcargo. If you like science fiction, fantasy, and good books, check her blog out.   I need a cool little name for our little farm (We have since chosen Round Table Farm). We hope to sell at the …

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More Baby Chicks

Our little Sweetpea went all broody again, second time this year, and we let her sit on 7 eggs. Two weeks into her ~21 days til hatching, she managed to kick 2 of the eggs out, without breaking them. In fact, we found them in the next box over. There is no way to roll …

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