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Donkey Foot Stomp

That title sounds like some rough farm dance. But no, it isn’t. One of our jackasses stomped on my foot nearly 2 weeks ago when I was working with the farrier. We have the farrier out about every 6 weeks to trim the boys’ hooves. Bucky wanted to be first, as usual. So, we put …

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The Queen of Flies

Each summer we have a variety of flies on the farm. I blame the donkey and goat poo. Hence we let the chickens play in the corrals to scratch up the larvae before they become adult flies to irritate and feed upon donkey, goat, and human alike. Here we have what I think is the …

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Winter Was Here

Winter is nearly over here in the valley. With spring right around the corner, I thought I should pull together some winter pictures before the early flowers start blooming. Donkeys don’t care about weather too much. They have access to their shelter all day, but often prefer to stand out under the oaks no matter …

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