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Tossing Brush

Here in northern New Mexico, we have Chinese Elm. These trees seed prolifically and also send up runners from their roots. Cut down the tree, tear up the stump, even remove the stump; if you left a root behind, you will have baby elm the next rainy season. As discussed in the post on firewood, …

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Swift, Silent Donkey

IAmASwiftSilentDonkey IAmASwiftSilentDonkey IAmASwiftSilentDonkey That was my mantra last week early one morning. My Main Man was out of town for a week doing some firefighting training and I had the farm to myself. This meant that I needed to get the animals out to pasture in the morning before I headed off to work. Here, …

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Plowing – Old School Style

Between the four of us, Jake has the most knowledge and experience at plowing. He is the tall, handsome guy with the big ears on the left. With an even temperament and a ton of patience, he is excellent to learn from. However, interspecies communication has not yet been perfected. Jake is about 20 years …

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