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Goats and the Garden

I have goat pictures for you! Yes, that means you are special. After much debate, we have decided to not do a big garden this year. the river, from where we get our irrigation water, is already pretty darn low. We will be doing a smaller garden….in the berry patch. The berries don’t seem to …

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Just a Wee Little Garden

After much sighing, debating, and chewing of lip, we have decided to go with a small garden this year, instead of the normal quarter acre that we have done for the past 4 years. As most of you know, I damaged my ankle back in October and finally had surgery in February. The recovery has …

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Round Table Farms: The Harvest 2011

This post is about last year’s harvest and last year we put far less time into the garden than this year. We are hoping to surpass 2011’s harvest in everything but potatoes (damn gophers!) and summer squash (damn squash bugs!). October 8th, a Saturday, was our first snow this year. Which signals the time for …

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