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Goats and the Garden

I have goat pictures for you! Yes, that means you are special. After much debate, we have decided to not do a big garden this year. the river, from where we get our irrigation water, is already pretty darn low. We will be doing a smaller garden….in the berry patch. The berries don’t seem to …

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Tossing Brush

Here in northern New Mexico, we have Chinese Elm. These trees seed prolifically and also send up runners from their roots. Cut down the tree, tear up the stump, even remove the stump; if you left a root behind, you will have baby elm the next rainy season. As discussed in the post on firewood, …

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Entertaining Farm Pauses

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on the internet. But then I come across things like these below that made me laugh or think, and then I know that I haven’t wasted all that time, just 3/4 of it. So here is some entertaining links to give you a fun pause in the …

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1 Goat Head, 1 Fence, My Left Arm

So this is a post about the dangers inherent in having farm animals. I should start a category called ‘Agricultural Incidents’. Bootsey is almost 6 months old now and this is the time of the year where the goats start routinely sticking their heads through the fence to get that last weed on the neighbors’ …

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Velvet and Fuzzy

Velvet had her kid two Saturdays ago, on April 28th, before 8AM. We walked out there for morning feeding of the beasties and saw Velvet had added a wee little beastie to the flock.  She was so big, we really expected 2 kids. But she only had Fuzzy, a boy. He is nearly as big …

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