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Rescued Chicken

Remember Speckled Hen laying eggs in the freezer room? Yeah, special chicken. Well, we have been having a predator issue. We have lost most of our chickens to neighbor’s dogs, coyotes, and perhaps, a large feral dog. So we put up more fencing and started letting the chickens out later, when the predators should be …

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A Catyard?

Yes, we have a catyard. In 2002, we moved here from a small town, but we were in the middle of the town, two blocks from the college. We had a catdoor and our little furry beasts could come and go as they pleased and we never lost one to traffic or dog attack, and …

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Predator Problems

We lost our goose Bob a few weeks ago. I’m posting a picture of his carcass here to show that very little of it was eaten, which indicates Bob was killed for fun, most likely by a neighbor’s dog. We are the only folks who fence our dog in a specific dogyard among our neighbors, …

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