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Fall is Here

Virginia creeper has gone fall red.

I am just not ready. Truly. I have tomatoes that haven’t even thought of turning red yet, under-developed tomatillos, and squash plants that have finally put on blossoms!

Green tomatoes aren’t ready for the freeze.

Well, that was all before the first frosts which happened Oct. 8th and Oct. 9th. When I checked the garden last night after work and evening chores, I saw that all but the cold hardy (root veggies and brassica family) were dead. So I spent about 2 hours in the dark picking peppers, tomatillos, and tomatoes.

This is suppose to be one of my purple bellpeppers.

Immature onions – yes, they are snickering.

Today will be gathering the green beans, if they survived, and the lone little pumpkin (the total of our squash crop for the year). I also have potatoes to dig up and corn to bring in, but that can wait a day or two.

Enjoy these pre-freeze photos, as I certainly enjoyed my garden this year.

Empty tomatillo skins.

Squash are finally blooming.

Blooming flowers.

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