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Odd Chicken Eggs

Over the past several weeks, our lady hens have left us a few surprises. First, I found this tiny, nearly perfectly round egg in the hen house. It was very, very fragile and you can see from the photo that it almost didn’t survive the trip inside. Next to it is one of our normal …

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Cross Species Egg Sitting

We have this speckled hen, laid, hatched, and raised by a real chicken right here on the farm. She has learned a new trick of late. She has figured out the super secret entrance to the Porch Cat Lair, aka the freezer room. Our house has several rooms that were added onto over the years. …

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The First Egg Is the Golden Egg

It happened. And we didn’t expect it. Our first goose egg! Yep, our two white geese have paired up and the larger one is a male. We guessed that a while back because he was always a dick. In fact, we were contemplating putting him away in the freezer last fall, but life got busy. …

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