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Smokey Moon

As many of you know, there was a total lunar eclipse earlier this month (October 8th, 2014). In my little crevice of the world, it coincided with a planned, controlled burn. I was up early to catch the eclipse, but had to take it in peeks since the smoke from the prescribed burn was thick …

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The Abiquiu House

As some of you may know, my parents bought a plot of land a few years ago out by Abiquiu Lake in northern NM. Over the past 2+ years, they have been building a large, gorgeous house that is both weaving studio (for my mom) and office (for my dad) along with great views of …

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July 2013 Flood

As floods go, it could have been much worse. The living room is drying nicely, we can still use the 2 gates, fences can be repaired, the irrigation ditch will eventually be put back into working order. Let me ramble, and there will be lots of pics for those who want to skim through. July …

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Seed Balls, Everyone Needs Them

Yes, indeed! If you don’t have seed balls, you are missing out. Why, you probably aren’t in tune with nature, and obviously haven’t played with mud lately. Several weekends ago, we went to a little seed ball workshop in the nearby village of Vallecitos at the soon-to-be recreational center. It was mostly for the kids, …

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Got Wood?

People actually ask about my wood. I know, it sounds like some reverse come on. But really, folks hear that we heat our house with firewood and they pause to wonder if we have indoor plumbing. Yes we do, but if you still feel that a country farm visit would be lacking the je ne …

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Entertaining Farm Pauses

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on the internet. But then I come across things like these below that made me laugh or think, and then I know that I haven’t wasted all that time, just 3/4 of it. So here is some entertaining links to give you a fun pause in the …

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