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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

More Baby Chicks

Our little Sweetpea went all broody again, second time this year, and we let her sit on 7 eggs. Two weeks into her ~21 days til hatching, she managed to kick 2 of the eggs out, without breaking them. In fact, we found them in the next box over. There is no way to roll …

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Spring Flowers

It seems like Spring arrived early and left early, like a nervous slip of a girl to her first ball. Below are some pics of flowers before the heat and wind of an early summer arrived. I don’t know what all these are, so feel free to jump in and tell me.       …

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Super Moon and Oogling the Eclipse

What did you do for super moon? I stayed up late (for me) and we watched it rise over our mountain. It made everything really, really bright. It would have been the perfect night for Night Crochet.  I used full zoom for these photos. Then we also had another fine astronomical event this month – …

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Mushroom Log, Anyone?

I like gourmet mushrooms. A lot. Earlier this year we experimented with mushrooms growing on media that you can set in a guest bathroom. Very tasty (see article over HERE on Darkcargo). We have been using Fungi Perfecti for our gourmet mushroom needs. We received some apricot logs from our Rio Rancho cousins and decided …

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The Curious Gets Curiouser

What happens when you add naturally curious young goats to a curious-looking friendly retriever mutt? Lots of sniffing by both parties. And more sniffing. We have been taking our dog Tanuki down to the field for a run. It is fenced for goats, so he is not getting out. He doesn’t come when you call, …

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Velvet and Fuzzy

Velvet had her kid two Saturdays ago, on April 28th, before 8AM. We walked out there for morning feeding of the beasties and saw Velvet had added a wee little beastie to the flock.  She was so big, we really expected 2 kids. But she only had Fuzzy, a boy. He is nearly as big …

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Smokey and Her Kids

These little guys were born on April 1st, a Sunday, while we were out. Smokey did a great job. In many ways, she is an ideal goat – Big ears, not aggressive at all, fertile, and a good milker. However, she is not the brightest goat either. She can easily ‘loose’ her kids by going …

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Plowing – Old School Style

Between the four of us, Jake has the most knowledge and experience at plowing. He is the tall, handsome guy with the big ears on the left. With an even temperament and a ton of patience, he is excellent to learn from. However, interspecies communication has not yet been perfected. Jake is about 20 years …

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